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Why I started this Business

Why I started this Business

Hello and welcome to Little Star Homemade Essentials! Here is a little background about my business. I am a stay at home mom of now three beautiful little girls! before I had my first little girl I got into Young Living Essential oils! I fell in love with how natural the oils are and how they worked for the different things I was using them for. I then had my first little girl and had gotten into making blends to help with different things, ex: bug bites were awful for me and I was able to make something for my self and my family to help with the itchy, red, swollen bug bites we got! This lead me into making other items for my family and friends. Eventually it became a second nature to just have different essential oil items on hand instead of the chemical filled over the counter items. 

Later after having my second child some of my friends and family were wanting to purchase these items and were loving how natural it was! I Started using Cloth diapers with my second with the intentions of trying to eliminate as many chemicals our family used as possible and to reduce the amount of trash we produced! This was amazing and I was even able to make my very own wipe bits to make a clean and sensitive solution for my cloth wipes I had made! These wipe bits were eventually integrated into being used for a face and hand cleaner after meals and I could put a small bottle in my diaper bag with some wipes to use when I changed diapers or needed to clean hands or faces on the go! 

As my kids got older they started wanting chapstick and monster spray and sleepytime oils. This was my chance to make more items to share not only with my family but my friends as well! All items are carefully made and sealed so there is no chance of contamination. As I slowly started making new things I started to want to make my own business but it was taunting! I had moved around being a former military family it was hard to make sure we had the space for me to keep making these items and if they became more of a demand I could keep up. 

Fast forward to now and having our third little girl we are happy and healthy! We use the Thieves chapstick to put on bandaids to help heal owies that happen and its the first thing my kids grab when they have owies even if it isn't open skin they still will ask for it to make it feel better! I have since gotten into making other items on top of my essential oil products that I have had many people interested in, only problem is not everyone has facebook so I couldn't just send them to my facebook group. So I thought what better time than now to create my own website and sell the things I love to make, use for my own family, and give other families something they can use. 

This is just part of our lifestyle now and I would love to share it with you! I hope you enjoy all the items I have to offer and make! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope it shows you the passion and joy it brings me to share my products with you!