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Welcome to Little Star Homemade Essentials

We have Stickers to fit your style, Decals for Windows and Cars, One of a Kind Paintings per request, Essential Oil Products, Pacifier Clips, Resin Art and more!

Mystery Pamper Bag

Any combination of lotion sticks, Lip-Balms, Lip-Smackers and Epsom Salt Scrub

All handmade products making room for new products and more variety!!

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Natural Ingredients

We choose our Ingredients very carefully to ensure quality is at its highest.


All our products are made in house and checked multiple times for best quality, with some imperfections that will be disclosed and are always possible with handmade items.

Love and Care

Everything has our love and care when making each and every item. We put A lot of ourselves in each item to ensure it is made to the best quality possible.

Quality Assurance

Every Item is checked, tested, and packaged to ensure each item is made to last! We do this in house. Essential oil items are made in bulk and we test the products on ourselves before we sell them, baby items are tugged and pulled on as hard and much as possible to ensure they stay together.

We're Always Changing and Evolving!

Our Products

Lotion Sticks

Our Lotion sticks are some of our top sellers. We have two scents Theiven Tree which is our original, and Unicorn Kisses for those who have any seizures or triggers for epilepsy.


Our Stickers are made with quality sticker material and covered with a protective layer to ensure water resistance. Each sticker is checked for quality before being sold.

Herb Sets

Our Herb sets are made with Epoxy Resin. Each item is checked for imperfections and unwanted bubbles. Some are custom made and other sets are made by us for fun to see what designs and combinations we can come up with.

Key Chains

All of our keychains are made with love and creativity. We use Epoxy resin to make some while others we use pony beads and vinyl.

Roller Bottles

Our Roller bottles are made with higher quality essential oils and a carrier oil. These items are not used to replace medicine or any sort of treatment.


We have canvas paintings and rock paintings available for purchase. These are Custom orders and do take a lot longer to make because we like to ensure it is perfect.

Pamper Set

Pamper Set

For all your pampering needs!

A combination of each item as follows, A Epsom Salt Scrub, A Lotion Stick, and A Lip-Smackers of choice

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Baby Basket

Baby Basket

Handmade baby items for your precious bundle of joy!

A combination of items as follows, A pacifier clip, A 2mL Bottle of Teething oil, A 1oz Bag of Wipe Bits, and A custom onesie of choice!

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Lip-Smackers Bundle

Lip-Smackers Bundle

A pick of 4 Lip-Smackers

You get to choose 4 of our Lip-Smackers for this bundle!

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Roller Bottle Set

Roller Bottle Set

Our Most Popular Roller Bottles all in one bundle!

In this bundle our top Roller Bottles consist of Itch-Be-Gone, Headache-Be-Gone, and Goodnights Sleep!

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Fidget Star Keychain

Fidget Star Keychain

Star shaped beaded keychain

Keychain made up of pony beads to the shape of a star. Made in multiple colors or single color options.

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